1. Why did it take 8 years to release this album?
Various other commitments including other bands, hockey season, learning our chops, getting drunk and jail got in the way.

2. Are you a surf rock band or not?
Other than the internet, there is nowhere to surf anywhere near where we live. Do you have to surf to play surf rock? If so, you can just call us an instrumental rock band.

3. Will you consider singing on future records?
Don't count on it.

4. I am a gear slut/consumer whore. What sort of stuff do you use?
The following things are good: Eastwood Guitars, Analogman Effects, Tech 21 amps and pedals. We have a bunch of the usual big name crap there is no need to mention. I often play a Fender Cyclone II, which is the weird one with the three Jaguar pickups. I hear they stopped making it. Too bad.

5. Why do you say you are from Saskatchewan when there is ample evidence to the contrary?
Because shut up.