1. Who is your favourite Godzilla foe?
I like King Ghidorah becasue he represents the pure brutal destruction I expect from a monster. Sometimes he's from space, and sometimes he's some magical creature fighting to defend Japan? Mecha-King Ghidorah would be even better if it wasn't piloted by humans.

2. Which of the Godzilla kaiju is weakest?
Zilla, the American Godzilla. But that's not really a Godzilla movie by anything other than name. I mean come on...the monster loses to the army? Could you miss the point of these movies any more? Anyways, Zilla does make a humourous appearance in Final Wars. My favourite wimpy monster is probably Baragon. If you're a sadist, you're going to want to watch his fight against Godzilla in GMK: All Out Monster's attack.

3. Which incarnation of Godzilla is your favourite?
Of course the original is THE classic. There's a darkness and mysteriousness to that movie that really starts to get lost as the Showa era progresses. But hey, what's not to love about this and this and this and this? I also like when the G-man's allegiance is ambiguous, like in Godzilla 2000 when he saves the world from Orga and celebrates by punching a single human that pissed him off and then doing a 360 atomic breath spin on Tokyo. Of the newer movies, my favourite Godzilla is the GMK version. He's so evil he doesn't even have pupils, and he's got a twisted sense of humour. And I love that the only reason he is defeated is because he insists on killing two puny humans with his atomic breath instead of just stepping on them.