The Saskatones first met while playing for the North Battleford North Stars in the Saskatechewan Junior D hockey league. All three were charged with instigating a bench clearing brawl that ended in the bleachers, resulting in lifetime suspensions.

The trio went their separate ways but met again during a period of mutual incarceration, and bonded over their shared love for surf rock. The band quickly released "The Saskatones Rock Oot" on a limited run in 2001. The album was completely sold out by their release show at the North Battleford bingo hall. While performing at the opening of a Tim Horton's in Lloydminster, the band got in to a heated argument with hecklers from the Albertan half of the city and, after a brief altercation, were charged with aggrevated assault (one of the members accidentally threw a guitar amp through the window of the car of one particularly mouthy elderly woman).

During their five year term in the North Battleford Correctional Facility, the band realized a mutual love of Godzilla and used that as inspiration for their second album, The Saskatones On Monster Island. The band recorded this conept album in 2009 and released it in the summer of 2010 as a free download.